What Is Vibrating Screen Amplitude?

When the vibrating screen amplitude increases, the screening force on the material will be enhanced. After the screening force is enhanced, the material will be easier to be screened, and the clogging of the screen holes will be improved, the screening rate will be enhanced, and at the same time It is also conducive to the stratification of materials. But the vibrating screen amplitude is not as large as possible, because if the amplitude is too large, it will be more destructive to the vibrating screen itself.

Therefore, the magnitude of the vibrating screen amplitude should be determined according to the particle size and properties of the material to be screened. In general, the larger the size of the vibrating screen, the larger the amplitude to be selected.

Because the larger size of the vibrating screen must screen more materials, the usage is also more complicated, so only the amplitude is large enough to handle large materials.

When the linear vibrating screen is used for classification, the amplitude should be slightly larger; the selection of the amplitude depends on what function it is used for. When it is used for dehydration and separation, the selected amplitude should be smaller. When choosing to handle a large material particle size, the amplitude should also be increased accordingly; if the small material particle size to be processed is small, the amplitude should be correspondingly smaller.

Generally speaking, the vibrating screen amplitude is A=3.5-6nlnl. But in fact, what we should pay attention to is that the vibrating screen amplitude does not depend on the vibrating screen machine. Before the vibrating screen works, the master in charge of the installation needs to check the amplitude, and make sure that the amplitude and the particle size of the material want to adapt, so as to achieve the optimal screening efficiency.

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