What Is Vibrating Screen Bolts?

The bolt is very important in the work of the vibrating screen. Once the vibrating screen bolt is loose, it will cause abnormal noise, affect the working environment, and may make the displacement failure of the organization parts. If not caught in time, they can fall off with serious consequences.

So when we install the vibrating screen bolts, we must let professionals to install and debug, first fix the groove of the bottom frame on the basis of steel, and then make the height difference between the two support seats before and after the side to the same, and the support seat on both sides of the same end must be in the same horizontal plane.

And the spring has passed the static stiffness detection before leaving the factory. It is necessary to choose the spring with the same performance, such as the stiffness must be the same or similar spring, arranged in the different support positions of the vibrating screen. In the installation, the spring should be placed on the support seat, so that the support seat into the spring hole, the support plate table is aligned, the sieve plate down, on the spring.

Before starting the vibrating screen machine, check whether there are obstacles in the vibrating screen bolts the work, whether the bolts have been fixed, especially in the vibration motor, support seat, the bolts at the vibrating screen bolts plate must be checked carefully to ensure tightening.

Also check that the rotation directions of the two motors are opposite. If the direction of rotation is the same, then the connection of one motor must be changed, making the two motors rotate in opposite directions if necessary. In the whole screening process, to ensure the start, operation, no-load shutdown, and then to observe whether there are abnormal phenomena and noise.

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