What Is Vibrating Screen Construction?

The screen is fixed in the screen frame before the need to measure the width and length of the screen frame, fixed after the installation on the vibrating screen. Then you need to install a bracket at the outlet, but also install the horizontal vibration motor on the shaker, so as to make a simple vibrating screen.

But in fact, there are a lot of standards for the production of vibrating screen, to be strict with manufacturers, to be meticulous. The vibrating screen construction as a whole is relatively simple, the design is also very reasonable, the operation is also very simple, mainly composed of vibrator, sieve plate, drive shaft or shock spring, transmission device and other components.

To clarify the purpose, the vibrating screen is actually a screening device, can be applied to any particle, powder and viscous slime or material vibrating screen machine.

At present, the vibrating screen construction is mainly used in chemical industry, mining, metallurgy and other industries. Know the role we want to know whether to buy vibrating screen is suitable for our work, that is, to know the vibrating screen model specifications, vibrating screen mainly has high frequency screen, round vibrating screen, banana screen and horizontal vibrating screen.

Each model also has different functions, although there is a screen, but some vibrating screens will dehydrate, such as high frequency screen, because the vibration frequency is 50Hz, higher than others. And circular vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, horizontal vibrating screen are according to the shape to distinguish, function has classification, linear screen is to do linear motion, relatively high output, simple structure, convenient maintenance. A banana screen is a vibrating screen with a vibrator and several different inclined screens.

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