What Is Vibrating Screen Coupling?

Vibrating screen coupling is one of the most commonly used transmission components in mechanical equipment. Vibrating screen couplings are used to connect two shafts so that they are connected and transmit torque.

It is a general mechanical transmission part. Since the vibration screen coupling is a standard part, the user can choose the appropriate coupling according to the national standard when using it. Affected by manufacturing, installation errors and temperature changes, the two shafts connected by the coupling cannot be aligned.

This vibrating screen coupling can use 45# steel. It is best to heat treat the working surface to increase its hardness. When put into use with the relative displacement of the two shafts, the end will generate a large centrifugal force, thereby increasing the dynamic load and wear. Therefore, please note that the working speed of this machine should not exceed the rated value.

There is no transmission from the prime mover to the universal joint coupling. Consider the type of prime mover, its power and its speed, etc. What is the rotational speed of the universal joint itself. Whether dynamic balancing is required. Dynamic balance or balance is required, and which level of balance quality level is required. The type and selection of the prime mover needs to be considered.

The load category for the universal joint coupling to transmit the load: one-way constant load, pulsating load or two-way alternating load. How is the installation status of the universal joint? Horizontal, vertical or inclined installation. Make the axis angle less than 3 degrees as far as possible, if you have to install it obliquely, determine what the horizontal and vertical angles are.

Are there any restrictions on the installation location. What is the specific installation length and whether it needs to be retracted. When telescopic is required, what is the outward extension of the universal joint in the shortest state.

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