What Is Vibrating Screen Definition?

Vibrating screen definition is a general term for screening equipment that uses vibrator excitation, mechanical transmission, etc. to transmit force to the screen surface, so that the materials on the screen surface run in the same trajectory. It is a machine that replaces manual screening in the process of industrialization.

It is mostly used for coal It can also be used for the separation and dehydration of various slurries. The front process of the vibrating screen definition is a crusher, a pulverizer, and a belt. Conveyors or screw conveyors and vibrating feeders form a powder milling line.

The subsequent process of the vibrating screen is the manufacture or filling of finished products. The vibrating screen can be divided into heavy vibrating screens, light vibrating screens, laboratory vibrating screens according to volume and screening purpose.

The basic principle of vibrating screen definition is: through a single or two vibration motor as a vibration source, through the transmission device to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, the motion of the initial screen box, screen box is equipped with different specifications of the screen, through the motion of the screen frame, so as to make different mesh material from the specific discharge port discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of screening.

The main representative product of the light vibrating screen definition is the three-dimensional vibrating screening filter, also known as the rotary vibrating screen, which belongs to the precision screen classification machinery. The screening range spans from 4mm to 500 mesh. The included angle changes the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface, effectively solving various screening problems.

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