What Is Vibrating Screen Equipment

Vibrating screen equipment during the work, the screening material only 55% of the time has direct contact with the screen plate, so that greatly reduce the degree of wear, but also can provide a long and stable screen plate life. The vibrating screen equipment is a closed or open type of structure, the screen plate can be made of stainless steel or full polyurethane design, for the screening of materials, or for ore, waste or waste recovery and application.

To complete the material screening operation. Suitable for the screening of sand and stone materials in quarry, but also for the product classification of coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power, chemical and other industries.

The work of vibrating screen equipment is more fixed, it is through the screen plate surface of the material for sliding screening. There are two kinds: one is fixed vibrating screen equipment, the other is non-fixed vibrating screen equipment.

The fixed vibrating screen equipment is one of the most widely used screening machines so far, generally suitable for material or ore crushing before pre-screening. Because of its relatively simple structure, and manufacturing is more convenient, the power consumption is smaller than other screening machines, and the ore or material can be unloaded directly to the screen surface when working.

However, it also has corresponding disadvantages. For example, the main disadvantage is that the productivity in the production process is relatively low, and the efficiency of screening is also relatively low, generally only 50-60%. The surface of the vibrating screen equipment is made up of an arrangement of the drive shaft. A screen plate is placed on the drive shaft, and the particles flow through the gap on the screen plate to the next layer.


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