What Is Vibrating Screen For Silica Sand?

Screening of dry powdery or granular materials in grain fertilizer, abrasive, ceramics and other industries. This product

High screening accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, screen life

Long life, good sealing, less powder and overflow, convenient maintenance, and automatic operation in thousand assembly line production.

Product features:

  1. It is suitable for particle screening, grading, impurity removal and filtration, with large processing capacity.
  2. Simple structure, tight sealing, low noise, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.
  3. Two vibrating motors with one or more layers of screen can be installed as excitation power, and the treatment effect is obvious.
  4. The power layout can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs to adapt to the corresponding production conditions.

Vibrating screen is generally used to screen and separate stone and sand by vibration, but the existing vibrating screen often uses a single-layer screen when it is used. This single-layer screen method not only has poor screening effect, but also cannot further screen the screened sand. Now, there is an urgent need for a vibrating screen that has good screening effect and can screen the screened sand into coarse sand and fine sand.

  1. A multilayer stone sand vibrating screen, including a base, the bottom of which is fixedly connected with a uniformly distributed fixed rod, the upper surface of the base is fixedly connected with a processing box, the top of the processing box is fixedly connected with a feed hopper, the bottom of the processing box is connected with a rotating rod through a driving mechanism, the top of the rotating rod is provided with a buffer mechanism, and the outer wall of the rotating rod is successively provided with a first filtering mechanism A vibration mechanism and a second filtering mechanism.



TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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