What Is Vibrating Screen Machine?

Vibrating screen machine is actually a kind of equipment that can be applied to any particle, powder and viscous viscous mucus or material vibrating screen machine. At present, the vibrating screen is mainly used in chemical industry, mining and metallurgical industry. Because the vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen is larger, the strength of the vibration is relatively high, its screen surface is also relatively elastic and other characteristics.

In the operation process of the vibrating screen machine, its screening strength is always maintained at the maximum, which effectively improves its screening efficiency and processing capacity, and the vibrating screen surface can also be dismantled, very convenient.

What are the characteristics of the vibrating screen?

The processing capacity of vibrating screen is relatively large, and the efficiency of screening is relatively high. The vibrator of vibrating screen has the characteristics of large vibration force, low temperature and small noise in the work. More importantly, the vibrator as a whole can be split.

In this way, when there is a problem with a part, we can directly replace it and carry out maintenance, which greatly reduces the maintenance cycle. The body of the vibrating screen is equipped with damping spring, which greatly reduces the noise of the work, while the service life has been extended.

Mainly applicable to the fixed treatment of mud, is a kind of filter mechanical separation equipment, vibrating screen is composed of screen and vibrator. The screen is used for filtering, and the oscillator is a wheel, but it rotates under the drive of the motor, and then vibrates after rotation. So through the vibration of the shaker, the thicker part of the material will stay on the surface, and the finer part will pass through the sieve to the next layer.

TSX Screen

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