What Is Vibrating Screen Motor Direction?

As we know, generally speaking, the exciting force of the vibrating screen is mostly generated by the rotation of the motor. And the rotation direction and number of different types of vibrating screen motor are also different.

First of all, we need to know that the rotating direction of the vibration screen is mainly driven by vertical motor. The second is the linear vibrating screen of the vibration motor of the two motors at work when the direction of rotation must be opposite this is the normal situation, we need to know this.

Because the trajectory generated by the motion is thus made, the material sieve plate is pushed forward in a straight motion. If the vibrating motor runs in the same direction, it means that it has a fault, so how to adjust to run normally this is the key? In fact, it is very simple, just need to change the line sequence of 3 fire wires of a motor to 2 randomly.

According to the vibrating body of the screen machine, the motion track of the screen box, the vibrating screen is also called reciprocating screen. The rotating direction of air screen and horizontal air screen is consistent with the direction of spiral conveying. Vertical air screen rotation direction and impeller rotation direction is consistent.

But in fact, for the rotation of the vibration motor, the rotation of the vibration motor is only on a vibrating screen, but if two motors are used, then the direction of the two vibration motors must be opposite. The selection of vibrating screen motor should be based on different vibration equipment models to choose the corresponding vibration motor model.

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