What Is Vibration Screen Shaker?

TSX vibration screen shaker adopts SKF special vibration bearing, which can be combined The large variable eccentric moment or exciting force meets different vibration indexes and application requirements, adopts magnetic oil plug to timely absorb iron filings in gear lubricating oil, improves grease quality, adopts splash lubricating method, and selects world famous brand high-grade lubricating oil oil, which greatly improves the use effect and life of the equipment.

TSX vibration screen shaker can work normally under the temperature of -30℃~+80℃, and it is equipped with a special respirator.

TSX vibration screen shaker changes the old mode of using eccentric shafts to provide excitation force, and uses bearings and eccentric blocks to form an independent vibration system. The two independent vibration systems are synchronized by connecting the rubber disc with the intermediate connecting shaft. The independent vibration system It is fixed on the side plate of the screen machine to provide exciting force for the screen body.

  1. The structure of the new excitation unit is simpler, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to maintain and repair.
  2. The weight of the new vibration excitation unit is lighter, and the range of adjustment of the excitation force is larger, which can meet the needs of different excitation forces.
  3. The new vibration excitation unit reduces the bearing torque and makes the bearing life longer.

The TSX vibration screen shaker is lubricated with thin oil. There is an oil injection hole on the top of the vibration unit, and an oil discharge pipe is connected to the bottom end.

At the same time, using the principle of the connector, the vibration excitation unit is connected to the oil level indicator through the oil pressure hose, and the oil level inside the vibration excitation unit can be known by observing the external oil level indicator, which makes the monitoring of the oil level more convenient and simple, and In the process of oil filling, by observing the oil level display gauge, it is possible to avoid the phenomenon of oil waste caused by excessive oil filling

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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