What Is Wedge Wire Filter Screen?

Wedge wire filter screen is a very common screen used on curved screens. It has high efficiency, and its shape and wedge wire size can be customized according to customer requirements.

TSX wedge wire filter screen. TSX produces various curved sieve plates. The sieve wire is made of stainless steel sieve wire formula to form the characteristics of its own products. It can not only ensure the non-magnetic screen but also ensure that the sieve plate has high wear resistance. Loved by users.

TSX wedge wire filter screen has the advantages of high porosity, light weight and good wear resistance.

High opening rate: 1.6-2.5 times that of ordinary sieve plates.

High wear resistance: Wedge Wire Filter Screen can reduce the wear of the material on the wedge wire during use, and at the same time increase the material penetration rate.

As far as the curved sieve plate is concerned, it can not only reduce the user’s investment on the sieve plate, but also reduce the wear and tear of the sieve plate and greatly increase the penetration rate, thereby improving production efficiency.

TSX wedge wire filter screen, the opening rate is greatly improved compared with other sieve plates, and the energy consumption is reduced. When the TSX wedge wire filter screen is installed on the vibrating curved screen, the dehydration effect can be fully achieved. At the same time, the sieve plate Light weight, can reduce motor load.

In short, TSX wedge wire filter screen has the advantages of high porosity, light weight, good wear resistance, long service life, etc. It has good desliming and dehydration effect, especially after installation and use, it can achieve the technical effect of vibrating screen in the form of a fixed screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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