What Is Working Principle Of Linear Vibrating Screen?

Whether the coal or ore is mined from underground or open-pit mines, or is crushed. Raw materials, or natural raw materials and artificial raw materials required by other industries, and some granular industrial products are often mixed together in the form of particles of different sizes before being untreated. In mineral processing plants, coal preparation plants or other industrial departments, materials often need to be divided into several grades with similar particle sizes before use or further treatment.

The material passes through the concentrated holes on the screen surface to become screening. The machinery used for screening is called screening machinery. There are many kinds of screening machinery, such as inertial vibrating screen, resonance screen and fixed screen. The inertial vibrating screen can be divided into circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen according to the movement track of the decorative screen. My design this time mainly studies the design of linear vibrating screen.

The linear vibrating screen uses an inertial exciter to generate vibration. Its vibration source is a motor driven exciter. The exciter has two shafts, each of which has an eccentric weight, and is installed in the opposite direction. Therefore, it is also called a biaxial vibrating screen. Two gears mesh to ensure synchronization. When the two belts deviate.

When the disc of the center weight rotates, the components of the centrifugal force F generated by the two eccentric weights in the x-axis cancel each other, and the components in the y-axis add up, resulting in a reciprocating exciting force in the y-axis direction, which is the reciprocating linear track vibration of the screen box in the y-axis direction.

The characteristics of the linear vibrating screen are as follows: due to the small inclination of the screen surface, the height of the screen decreases, which makes the process layout easier. As the screen surface is reciprocating in a straight line, the upper material layer moves forward on the one hand. On the one hand, the material layer is compacted in the process of jumping and falling, which is conducive to dehydration and. The heavy medium is removed during desliming, deliquescence and heavy medium beneficiation.

ZKB1545 linear vibrating screen is successfully developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced screen machine technology. It is advanced in structure, solid and durable. The vibrator adopts a block eccentric structure with adjustable exciting force, which is easy to adjust.

Two groups of vibrators without forced connection operate synchronously under the principle of self synchronization under the direct drive of the motor.

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