What Kind Of Equipment Is TSX Vibrating Rock Screen?

TSX vibrating rock screen is a kind of mining equipment used for screening, dehydration, desliming, media removal, etc. It includes TSX horizontal vibrating screen, TSX banana vibrating screen, TSX high-frequency screen, TSX flip-flop vibrating screen, TSX circular motion vibrating screen, Sieve Bend (tsxgroupe.com), TSX grizzly feeder, which are the main products of TSX vibrating screen.

These seven products have their own functions and advantages. TSX horizontal vibrating screen and TSX banana vibrating screen are used for desliming and disintermediation of large and medium size coal or coal consuming materials (such as rock, gold, sand, etc.). In the case of slotted screen plate, TSX horizontal vibrating screen can also be used for dehydration;

TSX flip-flop screen is a special vibrating screen. It changes the shape of the screen hole by using the principle of screen plate relaxation, so that viscous substances difficult to screen can be screened. Therefore, the flip-flop screen plate is characterized by no skeleton and flexibility. During the operation of TSX flip-flop screen, the shape can be shaped at will, and the original shape can also be restored after the operation;

TSX high-frequency screen and TSX sieve bend are both used for dewatering of coal slime, foamed coal, or non-coal fine sand during material transmission. The main difference lies in the screen plate. The high-frequency screen uses slotted screen plate, while the TSX sieve bend uses sieve bend plate, which is nonmagnetic, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant.

The sieve bend is also divided into vibration and non-vibration; TSX circular motion vibrating screen and TSX grizzly feeder are both used for screening. The materials screened by TSX circular motion vibrating screen are primary and secondary materials, while TSX grizzly feeder is used for prescreening, which also considers the feeding work.

TSX vibrating screen is characterized by low noise, strong power, low energy consumption, long service life and maintenance free. The screen body of TSX vibrating screen is hydraulically pulled with HUCK bolts, and the side plates are welded seamlessly to reduce the problems that may occur with other vibrating screens, such as cracking at the joints. TSX vibration exciter has high strength. It uses SKF special bolts to ensure smooth operation and long service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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