What Kind Of TSX Vibrating Screen Manufacturer Is?

What kind of TSX vibrating screen manufacturer is?


Vibrating screen mesh is made of stainless steel or polyurethane, which can remove and recover small materials in the material. The screen mesh has good quality and low running cost, etc. There are many kinds of screen mesh greatly meet the customer’s choice. The screen mesh has strict requirements for the size of the screen holes.
TSX is an excellent exporter of vibrating screen and vibrating screen plate with many types of screen plates, such as stainless steel woven screen plate, stainless steel perforated screen plate, stainless steel slit screen plate, curved screen plate, polyurethane slit screen plate, flaccid screen plate, polyurethane mesh screen, etc.

Among them, polyurethane stainless steel perforated screen plate has high opening rate, impact resistance, easy installation, low vibration noise, and can be partially replaced damaged parts, polyurethane Stainless steel preparation sieve plate has a high opening rate can be used for grading, polyurethane stainless steel slit sieve plate has the characteristics of high dewatering rate, relaxation sieve plate flexible elastic, no skeleton characteristics, stainless steel arc sieve plate advantages of non-magnetic, wear-resistant, high corrosion resistance, polyurethane slit sieve plate has a high opening rate, dewatering than ordinary sieve plate.

 Adopt the standard modulus polyurethane combination screen plate produced by Tianjin Weide Mining Equipment Co. The structure of the screen plate is independent intellectual property rights, and the technology is leading in China.

The screen plate has a large opening rate, the screen slit is not easy to block, high screening efficiency, long service life of wear resistance, easy to disassemble.







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