What Kinds Of Couplings Does TSX Vibrating Screen Have?

TSX vibrating screen coupling is usually composed of two halves, which relate to keys or tight fit and fastened at the two shaft ends.

There are three types of couplings for TSX vibrating screen. The first is the universal coupling, which is mainly used for the connection between the motor and the vibration exciter in the transmission of the vibrating screen;

The second is the tire coupling, which is often used for the connection between the motor and the vibration exciter. When the tire coupling works, the power is transmitted from one half coupling to the tape flexible piece, and then to the other half coupling, It can withstand large radial runout to achieve the purpose of vibration reduction, so as to realize the power transmission from the fixed motor to the screen box with large amplitude.;

The third type is a rubber coupling, which has a simple structure but a relatively large axial size and is commonly used for the connection between two vibrators.

The screen body of TSX vibrating screen is designed with finite element analysis method, hydraulic pressure is used with HUCK rivets, and the surface is subject to multi-layer anti-corrosion and rust prevention treatment to prolong the service life and facilitate maintenance.

The vibration exciter has super exciting force and long service life, light weight, fast heat dissipation and low noise. If you are interested, you can directly inquire on the website. We guarantee that we will take every message and question seriously.

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TSX Screen

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