What Kinds Of Fine Particles Can Be Screened By TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is a multi kinds of vibrating screen with simple and compact structure, high rigidity, high strength, balanced force distribution and large safety factor, the product is mainly used for coal grading, desliming, dewatering and desubliming, also suitable for screening and grading of other minerals. TSX vibrating screen has high efficiency, good quality, simple structure and can complete the task in a short time.
For materials when smaller rocks need to be sorted, a vibrating screen machine is used. The inclination of the screen surface is proportional to the screening speed, the greater the inclination of the screen surface, the faster the flow rate and the faster the jumping motion of the material on the screen surface, resulting in higher productivity and screening efficiency.

In coal processing, screening technology is also particularly important, the use of screening machinery can make the production of coal products particle size, moisture and ash index to meet user requirements, but also in the realization of the rational use of coal resources and protection of the environment and coal enterprises to create economic benefits, etc., are playing an important role.
Vibrating screen can screen different particle sizes such as high frequency screen, arc screen feed size 0-5 mm, banana screen, linear screen, circular vibrating screen feed size 0-300 mm, bar feeder feed size 30-1000 mm, while the feed size of Chi Zhang screen is 0-50 mm or 0-300 mm.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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