What Materials Can Be In The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen for the bulk material industry: all kinds of vibrating screen, flaccid screen, circular vibrating screen, arc screen, centrifuge and other washing equipment needed for desliming, desmearing, dewatering and grading.

Among them, linear sieve, banana sieve is suitable for large and medium-sized coal and non-coal material classification with high fines content, flaccid sieve can screen viscous materials, high frequency sieve, arc sieve is suitable for froth coal, coal slurry dewatering in coal mines, can also be used for non-coal fines dewatering, so that the vibrating screen can be placed inside the fines, coal, ore and other materials.

The screen on the material layer is loosened, so that the gap that already exists in the large particles is further expanded, small particles take the opportunity to cross the gap, transferred to the lower layer or The small particles are transferred to the lower layer or the transporter. Due to the small gap of small particles, large particles can not pass through, so the original haphazard arrangement of the particle group has been separated, that is, according to the particle size of the stratification, the formation of small particles in the lower, coarse particles on the arrangement rules.

For the material moisture, attached to the surface of the material particles called external moisture, has a great impact on the material sieving; usually make the ore to maintain a certain amount of moisture (4%-6%).Clay materials and viscous materials, only in some special cases with a larger screen surface sieve.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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