What May Be The Cause Of The Shaft Fracture Of The Vibrating Screen Coupling?

First, the cause of shaft fracture of the vibrating screen coupling:

  1. Metal fatigue caused by long-term shaft work

Circular vibrating screen shaft is a kind of metal material, the use of too long will be subjected to a large torque, making the material inside the shaft gap, finally under the action of torque, shaft fracture.

2, triangle belt tension is too large

Triangle belt tension is too large, will make the shaft in the transportation of material work stress increase, serious may exceed the maximum strength of the shaft can bear, leading to brittle failure of the shaft, there is another case is to lead to the internal force of the shaft significantly improved, so that the shaft fatigue failure.

  1. The material of the shaft is poor

Different materials, the torsional strength also has a great difference, if the quality of the material is not good, the bearing force is poor, the torsional strength of the shaft is not high, the flow is prone to brittle failure in the process of work, leading to shaft fracture of the vibrating screen coupling.

Second, the solution of shaft fracture

  1. Check carefully

In the purchase of vibrating screen, it is necessary to carry out a detailed inspection of the shaft, to ensure that there is no problem with the material and quality.

  1. Do not drive with material

Vibrating screen transmission is not the premise of transmission with material.

The above describes the reasons for shaker shaft fracture of the vibrating screen coupling and solutions. In the process of sand making, every link is very important. The main function of the vibrating screen is to screen the sand and stone, control the particle size of the sand, therefore, the failure in the production process of the vibrating screen will not only affect the normal sand making process, but also can not screen the sand, seriously affect the quality of the mechanism sand, so regular overhaul and maintenance of the vibrating screen.

  1. Strengthen daily maintenance

In the use process of vibrating screen, to strengthen its daily inspection and maintenance, regular inspection of the use of the shaft, if there is deformation, bending and other phenomena, need to replace the shaft in time, to avoid damage or fracture in the transmission process, affect the normal operation of sand production.

4, reduce the triangle belt tension

The risk of shaft fracture can be reduced by adjusting the tension of the triangle belt.Vibrating screen is commonly used in the sand production line screening equipment, its structure is reliable, durable, but for a long time, it is inevitable to appear all kinds of faults, here to introduce the most common kind of fault, vibrating screen shaft fracture of the vibrating screen coupling causes and solutions.

Vibrating screen shaft fracture of the vibrating screen coupling is a common fault, this fault will lead to the circle vibrating screen immediately stop working, maintenance is more complex, so we need to pay high attention to.

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