What Problems Will Occur To The Parts Of The Vibrating Screen?

Precautions for operation and maintenance of 3 main components of linear vibrating screen

  1. Fastening of bolts

The connecting screws of each part are easy to loosen due to long-term vibration, and must be checked after shutdown. The screws are high-strength bolts and high-strength locknuts, coated with anti loose liquid and reinforced with anti loose coil springs. In order to prevent wear of sieve plate bolts, polyurethane rubber sleeves can be used to cover the parts where bolts are easy to wear to avoid contact with materials.

  1. Screen machine support beam

The seamless steel pipe is used as the beam, and the dovetail chute for fixing the sieve plate is welded at the upper part, the circular flanges are welded at both ends, and high-strength bolts are used to connect with the sieve. In the later stage of beam processing, annealing treatment is required to eliminate internal stress, improve beam strength and screen machine service life. After each shutdown of the screen truss, inspection must be carried out, focusing on whether the support beam of the screen is seriously worn and aged, and whether there are cracks and other damages.

  1. Sieve plate.

The screen machine of concentrator uses stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, which has high input cost, but good use effect, especially in the aspect of wear resistance. The blind screen bonded with stainless steel and polyurethane is used at the entrance of the screen machine, which has high strength.

The corrugated screen and striped screen are used for raw material classification. The corrugated screen has a good transmissivity and is not easy to be blocked. However, the screen bars are easy to be damaged by large pieces of raw coal, and large particles are easy to enter the next level system. Each shutdown must be repaired and replaced in time.

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