What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Theory And Selection Of Vibrating Screen?

Don’t regret missing the top ten common sense of vibrating screen selection

There are hundreds of types and classifications of vibrating screen. Each type of screening equipment has different characteristics and application scenarios. Before selecting the type, it is very helpful to learn about the relevant common sense and knowledge. Xinxiang High tech Machinery will share with you what are the considerations of the vibrating screen type:

  1. Security. This is the basic principle that all mechanical industries should follow, and the manufacturing and application of vibrating screen equipment should meet the national safety regulations;
  2. Productive. Vibrating screen is not an independent individual. It is a link in the production chain regardless of the use scenario. It should be combined with the upper and lower ends. The compatibility of screening equipment directly affects the production efficiency;
  3. Stability. This is the basic guarantee for equipment quality. The equipment is stable and free from failure. Continuous production throughout the production chain can better ensure production delivery;
  4. Durability. This is the service life of screening equipment. A good vibrating screen not only has stable performance and long service life, but also can reduce the downtime for replacing equipment;
  5. Energy saving. The screening equipment itself is a cost investment, and the consumption of power and other resources in the operation process is also one of the enterprise costs. It is also important to see the power of the vibrating screen;
  6. Maintainability. Mechanical equipment belongs to consumables, and many unexpected problems will be encountered in the use process. Before purchasing, check the maintenance and after-sales of the equipment, whether it is troublesome to replace parts, and whether the after-sales service is perfect;
  7. Affordability. Including the price and maintenance cost of the shale shaker, you can focus on how the manufacturer charges for maintenance and after-sales, as well as the warranty period and life cycle of the shale shaker itself;
  8. Versatility. Vibrating screens can be divided into two categories: national standard and customized screening equipment, especially customized screening equipment. Whether there are accessories of the same type, and the inventory of vulnerable parts should also be understood;
  9. Environmental protection. This is a major trend of industrial production in the whole country. It requires low noise and no pollution. The lower the noise of vibrating screen, the more popular it is in the market;
  10. Particularity. In combination with the use scenarios of shale shakers, different industries have different requirements for shale shakers. Targeted purchase of corresponding models can better improve equipment efficiency.

The vibrating screen type seems simple, but in fact, it requires professional knowledge to calculate and measure, and also requires rich experience to accurately judge the construction scenario and needs.


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