What Types Of Heavy Duty Vibrating Screens Are Suitable For Quarries?

There are two most common vibrating screens in heavy duty vibrating screen for quarry. The circular vibrating screen is a vibrating screen with a multi-layer sieve plate and the sieve plate is very suitable for screening heavy objects.

When in use, according to the material and weight of the material, the suitable sieve plate types are mainly high manganese steel woven sieve plates, punched sieve plates, and rubber sieve plates. Most circular vibrating screens are installed in seat type, and the adjustment of the angle of the overall screen machine can change the position and height of the spring bracket.

The basic working principle of the circular vibrating screen is that its motion trajectory is circular, and the exciter is used to vibrate by using physical inertia, while the main shaft fixed on the screen machine is driven by the motor to rotate at high speed, and the eccentric body installed on the beam follows The rotation generates centrifugal inertia, which makes the screen box that can vibrate freely produce a circular orbit.

Moreover, the circular vibrating screen can screen many specifications of raw materials, and is widely used in material classification in mining, transportation, energy, building materials, chemical and other industries.

The base angle of the linear vibrating screen is generally parallel to the ground or inclined 0-5°, which depends on the installation method required by the customer. The linear vibrating screen is widely used in various mines, quarries and mobile screening stations. 

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