What Types Of Vibrating Screens Are Suitable For Sand Grading Vibration Screen Machine?

There are mainly two types of vibrating screens recommended for sand grading vibration screen machine. The main design concept of the banana screen is that there are several sections of sieve plates with different inclination angles. The side view is curved, similar to bananas. The banana screen is mainly suitable for large, The grading of medium-sized materials requires materials with a high content of fine particles, such as sand and gravel, and can also be used for dehydration, demineralization, and desliming.

The basic working principle of the banana sieve is that the vibrating motor is connected to the exciter through the V-belt during operation, and the vibrating motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate during operation to generate centrifugal inertial force, so that the sieving machine works well at a predetermined speed.

After the material falls into the sieve plate uniformly from the feed port, it moves forward quickly under the action of the vibration motor and passes through the sieve plate loosely. The linear vibrating screen is similar to the banana screen. Their operating principles and basic advantages are similar, and both have the characteristics of large processing capacity, simple installation and low height.

When the linear vibrating screen is installed, the entire screen body is parallel to the ground, or slightly inclined at 0-5°. Linear vibrating screens are commonly used in various mines, quarries and mobile screening stations. The basic working principle of the linear vibrating screen is that the length and angle of the throwing stroke with a larger diameter can be changed to meet the best needs of buyers for the vibrating screen.

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