What Will The Monitoring Of The Condition Of The TSX Vibrating Screen Affect?

The life of all machinery depends on its condition monitoring, which can continuously check the performance of key components of machinery, to organize the occurrence of failures or find the cause of failures.

The condition monitoring of TSX vibrating screen will affect the reliability and availability of equipment. Monitoring the condition of the vibrating screen can determine the changes in some equipment that determine the vibration of the vibrating screen, such as the vibration exciter or the vibration motor. This can be a measurement of exciter vibration, engine temperature, exciter speed, oil level, or electrical conditions.

It can include the use of vibration sensors to measure the vibration frequency or noise changes of SKF bearings in the housing, or the use of temperature sensors to measure any temperature changes under normal working conditions of the components. The condition monitoring of the TSX vibrating screen can be used to establish a wide range of equipment parameters to provide early warning of changes in conditions.

The vibrator swing block of TSX vibrating screen is equipped with a variety of block filling methods, which can combine eccentric torque or exciting force of large variables to meet different vibration indexes and use requirements. It adopts magnetic oil plug to timely absorb iron filings in gear lubricating oil, improve grease quality, adopt splash lubrication mode, and select world famous high-grade lubricating oil, greatly improving the service effect and life of equipment. The TSX exciter can work normally at – 30 ℃~+80 ℃

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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