What’s Is The TSX Polyurethane Panel Screen?

Our TSX polyurethane panel screens have proven effective in detecting copper, gold, molybdenum, phosphate, iron ore, limestone, and aggregates.

Let our experience match one of our urethane compounds to your screening operation, thereby extending screen life and improving your production efficiency.


2.Multi-dimensional panel

3.noise reduction

4.Quick and easy installation

5.Verified wear properties

6.Full spectrum of the opening

7.Durability and flexibility at low temperatures

8.Maximum open area design

9.Tapered openings prevent clogging and clogging


1.Modular shades (flat and curved) are interchangeable and compatible with 2.all major design, brand and fixing systems:

3.Hook (tension)

4.pin and sleeve

5.pin and legs


7.capture orbit (snap rail)

The TSX polyurethane panel screen plate is a very good alternative to steel woven wire mesh. Its main advantages are excellent wear resistance, low noise level and excellent precision in the operation process. They provide perfect consistent screening performance, without mixing cracks or cracking under vibration. Also, the Pu panel can be repaired.

The TSX vibrating screen is suitable for a large number of applications. Modular screens can be slotted on the sides to slide or have special latches that co-operate with each other. The panels can also be locked into the tracks supported by the Screen Box. Installing modular screens will save installation and replacement time.

We offer different types of sand polyurethane aggregates and screens for specific applications, with various pore sizes and thicknesses.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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