What’s The TSX Banana Type Vibrating Screen?

The TSX banana screen is composed of a motor and a vibrator as the vibration source, which mainly consists of an eccentric shaft, a pulley, a bearing and a bearing seat. The Vibrator is installed on the side of the display box and is connected by a motor through a V-shaped belt or a soft connection. The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate to produce centripetal force and force the vibration of the screen box.

The TSX banana vibrating screen adopts multi-section sieve plate, which is conducive to discharging materials, reducing the hole-blocking rate, and greatly improving the screening efficiency. Side panels use high-strength structural steel and high-precision CNC cutting to ensure overall machining accuracy. The beam is a seamless rectangular structure, with a higher cross-sectional strength, and the beam surface is sprayed with the abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and impact of the surface of the beam. The TSX banana vibrating screen uses components of modular design to facilitate timely and rapid component replacement and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

TSX Banana Vibrating Screen Vibrator adopts high-precision carbonized and quenched spur gear transmission to ensure load-bearing capacity and work stability and reliability. Vibrator Box is completed by CNC Machining Center at one time and tested by three coordinate detector.

The seal uses internationally renowned brand oil seals to ensure that lubricating oil does not leak during work. At the same time, the magnetic oil plug absorbs the fine metal debris inside the vibration exciter and purifies the lubricating oil. The TSX banana vibrating screen is named because the inner lining of the screen is arranged in the shape of a banana, also known as a screen of equal thickness.

Advantages over traditional screens: Under the same screen surface, the amount of power is greater. It is mainly used for coal classification, mud removal, dewatering and media removal, and is also suitable for other ore selection and classification.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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