What’s The TSX Flat Wedge Wire Screen?

TSX vibrating screen has a large number of flat wedge shaped wire mesh panels, located in various slot holes. With our laser cutting machine, we can precisely cut these screens into any required size and shape. These screens can also roll and provide edge silhouettes as required.

In addition to our inventory screen panels, we can also provide almost any required size and opening flat and curved screen panels, rollers, rollers, etc.

Wedge-shaped steel wire, also known as V-shaped steel wire or v-shaped steel wire. Unlike perforated plates or woven yarns, wedge-shaped metal mesh provides 2-point particle contact and a slot opening that widens in the direction of flow so particles are unlikely to block mesh.

The TSX screen mesh flat weld filter provides high filtering performance due to its large openings and flat filters. Due to its high strength, the flat wedge wire mesh has a long service life and high durability. Furthermore, due to the flat shape, its size and shape can be easily adjusted to suit various applications. They can be used in various configurations.

The flat wedge wire panel screen is operated using the wire gap between the V-shaped shade contours. Due to its v-shaped surface, it is particularly effective at preventing clogging, but also provides great flow. Although smaller particles can flow through the gap, other debris will remain on the outside, so it cannot pass between the gaps.

Flat panel displays offer a wide range of opportunities in agriculture, construction, and the brewing industry. The flat shape of the wedge-shaped steel wire is easy to use and implement.

For all mining, aggregate, asphalt mixing, and highway construction industries, every penny saved by high-quality production, fast part replacement, and longer parts wear life will eventually translate to hard and fast profits. reduction of real costs for companies. As the most important component of the vibrating screen, a set of high-quality steel cloth with high precision, long wear life and high impact resistance is the basis for ensuring production quality in all the above-mentioned industries.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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