What’s The TSX Sand Vibrating Screen?

Mechanical screening is an important step in mineral processing. After breaking, the extracted materials are divided into different grades and classified by particle size. This process is generally carried out through a vibrating screen, which consists of a motor that produces vibrations, a vibrating screen and a platform to separate materials, which is the frame that transmits the vibration from the motor to the screening machine and fixes the engine and screening machine in place.

The sieve table can have several sieve slots to divide the minerals into several different grades. According to the number of screens that can be accommodated, the deck is divided into single story, two story, three story etc. In addition to various covers

The mechanical screening equipment includes circular vibration screen, high frequency vibration screen, rotating screen and drum screen.

The mechanical sand is thrown from the mouth of the cloth to the surface of the double channel net of the sieve box, and the double motor drives the mechanical sand in the sieve to jump.

Large mechanical sand is left on top and discharged from the top discharge outlet.

According to the proportion of coarse and fine sand, the outlet design has different sizes.

In plant design it is common to install a screen before the secondary crusher to bypass any ore that has been broken small enough to reduce unnecessary work. A very close selection is not needed, some type of moving bar or circular screen can also be used, but the modern method is to use a heavy hummer-type vibrating screen, which has no wear on external moving components; The Vibrator is fully enclosed and the only worn part is the screen surface.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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