What’s The TSX Sieving Screen laLrge Mining?

Sieving is one of the oldest methods of physical particle size separation and has been widely used in industry and laboratories. The vibrating screen includes various types and is the main screening tool for large-scale separation and classification of solid particles by particle size, which is widely used in practical engineering such as mining, metallurgy, dry mortar, artificial sand, and agricultural production.

Probability sieve is a special vibrating sieve for the separation and classification of fine particulate materials. when the particle size is less than 0.6, there will be hole clogging problem and low screening efficiency. Screening efficiency is an important indicator of screening performance evaluation.

During the design of the vibrating screen, due to the combined influence of the complex particle screening process under multiple factors, it is difficult to predict according to the existing screening design parameters, which will affect the selection or determination of these parameters. Therefore, it is of great practical importance to understand the prediction of screening efficiency.

Screening is a process in which materials of a given size range are separated into multiple products of different sizes through a single layer or multi-layer screen with a uniform mesh size. In theory, the particles with a size larger than the screen hole remain on the screen surface, and leave the screen surface when they pass through the end of the screen, which are called overflow particles;

However, other smaller particles penetrate the screen through the holes in the screen, called under-screen particles. Screening efficiency refers to the ratio of the actual mass of the particles under the sieve to the mass of the particles in the raw materials with a particle size smaller than the sieve hole.

Compared with the mesh size, the smaller the particles, the easier it is to penetrate, but the particles with a size close to the mesh size are difficult to penetrate the screen. Due to its unique features of large sieve holes and high inclination, the probability sieve has the advantages of high screening capacity and easy penetration on all vibrating screens.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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