Where Have Rubber In TSX Vibrating Screens?

The largest part of the rubber in the TSX vibrating screen is the sieve plate, such as the TSX flip sieve plate and the TSX polyurethane sieve plate. Relaxed sieve plate has no framework and is flexible, which can screen viscous materials difficult to screen. It can be combined with fixed sieve plate for better screening. All polyurethane slit screen plate, used for dehydration, with higher porosity and better dehydration efficiency, is generally used for linear screen, banana screen and high-frequency screen

There is also polyurethane frame stainless steel sieve plate. Basically, each sieve plate will use polyurethane frame stainless steel sieve plate, especially the circular vibrating screen. The circular vibrating screen is used for the primary and secondary material grading of materials.

The material is large in volume, gravity and hardness, and the wear will be serious. Therefore, the polyurethane frame stainless steel sieve plate with convenient disassembly and assembly can facilitate the replacement of the severely worn sieve plate. It reduces the difficulty of maintenance and improves the working efficiency of TSX vibrating screen separator. It is an efficient design.

The screen plate of TSX vibrating screen has the leading level in China. The stainless-steel screen plate with polyurethane frame has high opening rate, which is convenient for installation, and also greatly reduces the vibration noise. Moreover, the size of a single piece is small, which is convenient for replacing local worn parts. The polyurethane sieve plate is light in weight, which can greatly reduce the load of the machine, save energy and consumption, and has good wear resistance.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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