Where The TSX Shaking Vibrating Screen Can Be Used?

In quarries, TSX vibrating screens play an important role in mineral processing. As with sand screening, vibrating screens are mainly used to classify extracted materials by size.

The principle of vibrating screens is relatively simple: they are usually tilted on the shaft, which is electrically driven, allowing the vibrating screens to vibrate rapidly.

Despite the many advantages of vibrating screens for the mineral processing industry, it appears that their lifespan and failure frequency are lower than those of vibrating screens. In short, most shakers don’t work very well.

The production of a quarry depends on the performance of its vibrating screen application. For careers, vibrating screens are a difficult problem that often require outpatient consultations. This is where their long-term supply partner, comes into the equation.

The TSX vibrating screen is generally a low-maintenance, low-cost piece of equipment that allows the operator to maintain good control over the flow of materials that would otherwise be heavy and difficult to handle.

In fact, the size of the material you want depends on the number of layers of screen you add to the machine, which greatly increases the value of the raw material. In addition, TSX vibrating screens play a key role in the mining industry where the ore process imposes strict requirements on the size of the ore. For example, before entering a ball mill, the ore should be the full opening size of the ball mill and be free from impurities using TSX vibrating screens.

The working principle of the vibrating screen is simple and easy to operate. The key parts of the machine are vibrating screen, exciter, motor, screen table, seal and side plate.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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