Which Are TSX Vibrating Screen Wire Mesh Machine?

TSX vibrating screen has many steel wire sieve plates, such as woven sieve plates, bar sieve plates, punched sieve plates, slotted sieve plates and curved sieve plates. The curved sieve plates are divided into efficient curved sieve plates and stainless steel curved sieve plates, which are used in various screening machines.

TSX horizontal vibrating screen, TSX banana screen and TSX flip screen can all use woven sieve plate, bar sieve plate, perforated sieve plate and slotted sieve plate for dehydration, desliming, medium removal and grading. The flip screen needs to combine these sieve plates and flip screen plates.

TSX high-frequency screen is used for dehydration of foamed coal, slime and non coal fine sand, so slit screen plate is required. The slit screen plate has high opening rate, small hole diameter, and it is difficult for materials to pass through, so it is used for dehydration.

TSX circular vibrating screen is used to screen primary and secondary materials. Because of its large volume, materials cannot pass through slotted screen plates, so perforated screen plates, bar screen plates and woven screen plates can be used to screen out materials with large particles.

The curved sieve plate is applicable to TSX curved sieve. Its sieve plate is a unique curved sieve plate, which is divided into stainless steel curved sieve plate and efficient curved sieve plate. The stainless steel curved sieve plate is non-magnetic, wear-resistant, and has high corrosion resistance. The efficient curved sieve plate has high opening rate, light weight, and high corrosion resistance.

The design of TSX steel wire sieve plate is at the leading level in China. Its sieve plate is made of stainless steel in the middle and a circle of polyurethane frame around. It is modular, easy to disassemble and replace damaged parts.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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