Which Linear Vibrating Screen Manufacturer Is Good?

TSX manufacturer is a company with an international leading level team of R&D, design, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and after-sales service. It has more than ten kinds of main processing equipments such as high-end and precise CNC horizontal machining center, CNC vertical machining center, CNC gantry milling machine, three coordinate measuring machine, etc., so that the high quality and high precision of product manufacturing can be reliably guaranteed.

We have various types and sizes of vibrating screens such as banana screen, linear screen, flaccid screen, circular vibrating screen, curved screen, high frequency screen, bar feeder, etc. available for your choice.

TSX’s linear vibrating screen exciter is ZDQ vibrator, and the feed size is 0-300mm. the screen plate is steel structure screen plate (woven, perforated, slit, etc.) and full polyurethane screen plate. The linear vibrating screen is named after a straight line, and the linear vibrating screen mainly sieves fine particles, light specific gravity, hardness is not high material.

With the development of society has high requirements for the quality of the vibrating screen, each part of the vibrating screen has strict requirements, the parts are made of high-quality structural steel, and are sandblasted, painted anti-corrosion treatment, all with the surface for waterproof sealing treatment It can work in many occasions and many environments.

Linear vibrating screen also has many kinds of weight, appearance size and motor power are also very different. The screen plate is available in one and two layers

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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