Which Phenomenon Usually In Vibrating Screens?

After working for a fixed period, the general vibrating screen will have some abnormalities, such as vibration abnormalities, among which polarization, torsional vibration, small amplitude, and severe vibration are common problems.

In the polarization problem, the two diagonals vibrate normally, and the other two diagonals have almost no amplitude (the diagonals do not vibrate), which is one of many problems. The causes of this failure may be:

(1) The four supporting points of the spring are not on the same horizontal line.

(2) The problem of the exciter of the vibrating screen.

(3) Whether the included angle of the counterweight on the vibrating screen motor changes.

(4) There is a problem with the spring support. The force of the spring is different, and the difference is large. It needs to be adjusted. Check whether the spring height at rest is consistent.

Whether the phase angle of both sides is the same when universal joint is installed, other reasons should be further judged according to the detailed screening machine and the application situation.

The screen structure of TSX vibrating screen is optimized through finite element analysis and design. It is light in weight, with high fatigue resistance, reliability, and service life. The surface shall be sprayed with polyester protective paint after the sand blasting treatment reaches Sa2.5.

The intermediate shaft is a telescopic spline for easy disassembly. The main motor is a new type of motor with large starting torque and fast acceleration, which can make the screen machine pass through the resonance zone quickly. The selected motor has high performance index and reliable operation.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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