Why Chooes Vibrating Screen Manufacturer In China?

There are many vibrating screen manufacturers in China, such as Henan Weimeng, Xinxiang Hi-Tech, Shanghai Ruang and Tianjin Taishouxing. These are relatively professional and reliable manufacturers in the vibrating screen industry in China.

Today we will first talk about Tianjin Taishouxing, a vibrating screen manufacturer.It explained to us in detail what vibrating screen equipment is, so that you can fully understand and understand vibrating screen equipment. There are two types of vibrating screen equipment, one is fixed vibrating screen and the other is non-fixed vibrating screen.

The fixed vibrating screen is one of the most widely used screening machines so far, and it is generally suitable for pre-screening of materials or iron ore before complete crushing. Because of its relatively simple structure, convenient manufacture, and lower power consumption than other screening machines, it can directly unload ore or materials to the screen surface during work, which greatly improves our work efficiency.

At the same time, we also talk about the shortcomings of vibrating screens, such as the low screening efficiency when screening materials, and the low screening efficiency leads to the production efficiency in the entire production process.

In addition, it is analyzed that the production technology of domestic vibrating screens is still in the 1990s, lacking innovation and relatively backward equipment. The replacement of vibrating screen parts is also relatively complicated, the structural strength of the material is not enough, and the service life is about 3 to 5 years, but the service life abroad is about 8 years.

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