Why Choose TSX Circular Vibrating Screening Machine?

TSX Group is a specialist manufacturer of Vibrating Screening Machine in coal washing plants, crusher plants, quarries and sand mills, mining, cement and asphalt.TSX company’s products are oriented to the international and domestic markets, and provide the bulk material industry with: various vibrating screens, relaxation screens, circular vibrating screens, curved screens, high-frequency Screening and other washing equipment.

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At present, In order to make TSX equipment accessible to customers all over the world, we have a professional foreign trade department that provides professional shakers and mining products. Today’s main explanation is:

Double-layer circular vibrating screen

  1. TSX circular vibrating screen has the characteristics of high product quality and strong processing capacity.
  2. Less electricity is consumed per ton of material for screening.

TSX vibrating screen — This is the test site of our vibrating screen. Provide dynamic + static test reports. Double Deck Circular Vibrating Screen. The exciter is lubricated with thin oil bearing and has an eccentric structure with an external block. The TSX exciter can be disassembled as a whole, and maintenance and replacement are very convenient for customers. Moreover, TSX has its own production plant, which does not require customers to purchase parts, which effectively shortens the maintenance cycle.

Secondly, TSX Vibrating Screening Machine have the characteristics of advanced and reasonable structural design, and the surface of the vibrating screen is easy for customers to disassemble and replace. TSX follows the world’s most advanced mining equipment design concepts and uses proven innovative designs. All of TSX’s Mining shaker products are manufactured to international mining industry standards.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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