Why Does The Vibrating Screen Quit Working Suddenly During Operation?

During the operation of the vibrating screen machine, various questions can be met. Sometimes the vibrating screen machine will stop running suddenly during the operation. Although this appearance is uncommon, we still need to know this knowledge.

The vibrating screen machine uses the vibrator as the vibration source to make the materials be thrown on the screen and move forward in a straight line together. The materials enter the vibrating screen machine evenly into the feed chute, and several kinds of standard substances on the screen occur after passing through the multi-layer screen The undersize materials are discharged from their respective outlets.

In case of interruption, first check the power supply, and then look at the oscillation source: exciter! The exciter needs to be synchronized during operation. The exciter moves in a straight line through the swing block, which is connected by gears and rotates reversely at the same speed.

When it is rotated to be perpendicular to the bottom, the pendulum blocks are stacked. In other directions, the forces parallel to the bottom are offset, and the resultant force is still perpendicular to the bottom. Therefore, a concussion resultant force occurs along a stable line, which is the amplitude line of the vibrating screen.

If the shaft connecting the two vibrators is in doubt, leading or lagging one of the vibrators, the two vibrators are out of sync, the front and rear oscillations of the screen machine are out of sync, the left and right oscillations are significant, lateral sway occurs, and the screen frame is subject to large reciprocating distortion and deformation, causing serious damage to the beam.

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It can be seen from the test card of the symmetrical orientation of the feed end, center end and discharge end of the left and right side plates of the screen machine that the amplitude line is now not a straight line, but a spear shape. Because of the lateral oscillation of the side plate, the center can not form a straight line, and the oscillation viewpoints at the left and right ends differ a lot.

The latter appearance is easy to be ignored. It is necessary to compare the phase of the exciters at both ends under static conditions to find the doubt. The site operation frequently presents the appearance of beam cracking, tension spring support cracking, coal flow deviation and tension spring cracking.

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