Why Have A Vibrating Screen Angle?

The vibrating screen angle is a guarantee for the downward screening of the machine. Because of the existence of the angle, the material can roll on the screen plate, and then flow to the next layer of screen plate through the vibration of the screen plate, which can be better screened.

The vibrating screen angle is generally between 0 degrees and 40 degrees, because the different vibrating screen angle will cause different effects of material screening.

In fact, the inclination angle of the sieve plate is the angle formed by the sieve plate and the horizontal direction of the vibrating screen. The inclination of the sieve plate will have a certain influence on the size of the sieve hole. For example, the larger the inclination angle of a sieve plate, the steeper its surface, and the shorter the residence time of the material on the sieve plate, so that the material on the sieve plate can be easily discharged, and the processing capacity at the same time will be reduced. will increase.

However, since the surface is steeper, the sieve holes of the sieve plate are fixed, so the sieving may not be easy, which will reduce the efficiency of the sieving. On the contrary, the smaller the inclination vibrating screen angle, the slower the plane of the sieve plate will be, and the longer the material will be screened on the sieve plate.

In this way, its processing capacity becomes smaller, but because the processing capacity is small, the time for the material to pass through the sieve will increase, so the consumption of sieving will increase, and the sieve holes will not be blocked.

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Therefore, in our actual application process, we need to find the suitable inclination angle of the sieve plate according to the material situation. For materials with high viscosity or other materials that are difficult to be screened, we can appropriately reduce the inclination of the vibrating screen to improve the screening accuracy.

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