What is the working principle of circular vibrating screen?

Circular vibrating screen is mainly used to separate solid powder, solid particles and liquid, and can classify materials according to particle size. This article will explain the working principle of the circular vibrating screen for you in detail.

Working principle of circular vibrating screen

Feed the material to be separated through the feed port (feed port at the top of the circular vibrating screen), make sure the cover plate, screen structure and base are fastened with snap rings, due to the unbalanced weight assembly, the vibration motor will be energized, causing vibration Movement, the screen will start to vibrate, then, the material fed into the hopper will pass through the sieve according to the particle size, the material larger than the mesh size stays on the screen surface and is discharged from the coarse material outlet, and the material smaller than the mesh size falls into the The lower layer, according to the design of the vibrating screen, you can configure 1-5 layers of screens to achieve particle size classification.

The circular vibrating screen can classify, separate or sieve the material to the required particle size for direct use or further processing, as you can see, the machine uses vibrating motion to shake the sieve to screen out the desired product, widely used in Food processing, powder processing, feed processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Vibrating screen, also known as inclined vibrating screens or inclined screens, are used to sort materials at different stages of the crushing process and separation of the final product.Circular motion inclined screens typically lend themselves to scalping operations. The circular motion causes the material to roll down the deck. This helps reduce “plugging” of the near size material in the openings. Elliptical motion inclined screens operate in much the same way as the circular motion version. Depending on drive placement, this screen can speed up the travel rate on the feed end and slow it down on the discharge end.

The circular vibrating sieve is composed of dust cover, screen frame, beam ring, screen mesh, punching plate, mesh cleaning device, vibration motor, bottom bucket, vibrating plate and other parts.

Dust Cover: It confines the material and keeps the machine and surrounding environment free from dust.

Screen frame: The material thickness is 2.0mm~3.0mm, generally made of stainless steel, and carbon steel can also be selected, which limits the product to be processed to the required size and fineness.

Beam ring: It connects the bottom cone and the screen frame, the upper and lower screen frames, and also plays a role in preventing material leakage.

Screen mesh: maintain tension to make it easier for the material to move in the direction of vibration, commonly used 304 stainless steel woven mesh.


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Punching plate: carry the screen, prolong the service life of the screen.

Mesh cleaning device: remove the blockages in the screen holes and increase the output, it is made of silicone and rubber bouncing balls, and an ultrasonic cleaning device (635mesh) can also be selected.

Exciter: Select RDQ exciter. The RDQ series shakers are specially designed for shakers. This series of exciters provides efficient and precise vibration motion for a variety of screening applications. They are known for their robust construction, high performance and reliability in continuous operation. The RDQ series is equipped with an adjustable eccentric mass that can produce variable amplitudes and frequencies to meet different screening requirements. These exciters are commonly used in industries such as mining, construction and aggregate processing for material separation and classification. Its easy-to-maintain design ensures easy maintenance and a long service life, making it the first choice for demanding screening tasks.

AURY circular vibrating screen, used with stainless steel screen plate, screen plate impact resistance, high opening rate, high water removal, easy installation, low vibration noise, long service life.

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