What Is A TSX Aggregate Screen?

Aggregate is a loose material that plays the role of filling, skeleton and support in the concrete. Aggregate has coarse and fine, the particle size greater than 4.75mm belongs to coarse aggregate, also called stone; the particle size less than 4.75mm belongs to the western aggregate, also called sand. Aggregate can be made from natural rocks after crusher, vibrating screen and other mechanical equipment, but also from natural rocks directly weathered.

Natural aggregates such as river sand, lake sand weathered into gravel specifications are difficult to unify, the use of vibrating screen can achieve a unified function, screening aggregate generally use circular vibrating screen, its vibration motor is usually installed in the side of the screen machine, aggregate from the entrance end into the screen machine with the excitation force generated by the screen machine to do circular vibration on the screen surface, vibration forward, the material smaller than the screen hole will be completed through the screen, falling into the lower layer for the next level of screening Or leave the sieve box with vibration and enter the storage bin.

In a general sense, nearly one-third of the commercial concrete used in modern times is fine aggregate, but with their mass production, triggered a series of resource, energy and environmental problems, in order to better avoid these crises, the recycling of waste concrete resources in the construction industry has been responded to.
Vibrating screens have been fully utilized in the recycling of concrete resources, and the aggregates in construction are screened several times using vibrating screens

  Aggregate screens can separate material products of varying sizes that have been crushed. This material can be discharged from the crusher or fed from an existing aggregate pile. The material is screened on a vibrating screen to separate the different sizes of material.

The vibrating screen box has many different sized screens, and multiple layers of screen panels that can be screened for varying particle sizes. The different products after screening fall onto a conveyor belt for transport for stacking.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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