Why Is It Necessary To Test The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is an important equipment for screening, dewatering, desliming and removing media. Vibrating screens have a wide range of applications for coal mines, construction sites, etc. Therefore, it is important to detect and find problems early to ensure the normal operation of vibrating screens Common vibration monitoring methods include waveform, spectrum, phase analysis and demodulation analysis.

It is necessary to conduct a test after leaving the field because it is necessary to screen out vibrating screens that have major defects and cannot operate normally, and a large number of potential safety hazards can be found, which increases the quality of the vibrating screen and effectively ensures and manages the quality level of the product. The functions, specifications and reliability of certified products are the same as those on the label.

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 The detection of the vibrating screen is very important. It is used to see whether the index parameters are correct and reasonable. It mainly detects the amplitude, inclination, power, etc. during operation, and generally runs without load during detection.

It can be seen whether the parts of the vibrating screen are loose, whether the joints are poorly connected, reduce the maintenance cost of manpower and financial resources, and improve the screening efficiency. short circuit.

Vibration frequency test For a more accurate test, the vibration sensor can be placed in the appropriate position of the screen frame. By collecting and analyzing the vibration signal of the entire part of the screen frame, the more accurate operating frequency can be output and displayed. The simpler method is to use a tachometer to directly read the operating frequency of the sieve by testing the motor speed and the belt pulley speed.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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